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As I get more involved

So, I have been reading Jezebel for a looooong time but I only recently started commenting. Thus, on the mainpage, I am in the grey although I am now in the black on GT! Whoot!

Today was a little special though. I happened to comment early on The Dirt Bag of the night and so many people have responded to it!


But I have a problem. I am a very visual person. So it is really hard for me to remember the kinja names everyone has. There are a select few I always remember, like Burt, Sorcia and cumberbuttcheeks...but it has taken me a long time to remember them.

So, as I get more involved here in GT and on the mainpage, forgive me if I don't remember you or your backstory for a while. My memory is really shitty from reading on a computer screen, having two kids and drinking wine.


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